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visual musician

Spir, visual artist and producer, fine artist from california, is the art director of an international NGO and the owner of the label FuseLab, and MotionLab. Spir, VJ and a video installation artist, performs live regularly with various VJs and DJs. He is the optical nerve of Fuse Factory.

“I am a solitary and a group artist. I love to disappear into my G5 or my analogue “tweaking equipment” and to dig deep inside myself to create digital video paintings. But I would not be satisfied if this deep personal magma was never mixed with that of other artists or viewers to create a totally unique experience that is specific to a certain place and time. I strive to bend the boundaries between abstraction and reality to speak clearly through my art in a language I do not know.”

Spir is able to understand the commercial side of any event, installation or digital creation, while adding to it a profound creative and human touch.

Spir has created video noise and visuals for "first delivery, soul food, and pae1, and is the visual composer of plasma art.



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