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lyrical poet

Sam is the co-owner of FuseLab and the songwriter and singer for the group Fuse Factory.

Born in france, she studied classic violin and music theory and sang in various disastrous amateur rock bands until she discovered her real passion in electronic music.

“The dynamic of lyrics and music composition is a universe of vertigo from which i find balance like an acrobat. I am afraid of it and i am attracted to it, i master it and i let it guide me. A film, a sentence, a word, a sound, a look, the idea is waiting around the corner for me to seize. It questions me, shakes me, touches my emotions, i carry it until it is ready to be birthed.”

Sam composed the majority of the songs for “first delivery” and “soul food” as well as collaborated in multiple chill-out improvisations, one of which led to the creation of "pae1".